Hatem Al – Romy Raises an Initiative to Establish the First Scientific Alliance Specialized in Renewable Energy

Hatem Al-Romy, chairman of the Triple M Group, announced an initiative to establish the first Egyptian scientific alliance specialized in renewable energy to upgrade the clean energy sector and reduce emissions in addition to helping the government in its plan to achieve sustainable development.

Hatem Al-Romy pronounced the basic objective of this alliance should be an effort and is a real way from the leading Egyptian experiences and cadres, developing an agenda and a complete scheme for the development of renewable energy uses. He praised the efforts of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) and the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA), and when he said “While the coalition would work with government agencies and would not be secluded, whether in raising recommendations, ideas, ideas or implementation and to develop this vision.”

The mention of the scientific coalition members, there are a large number of personalities, names, and experts specializing in renewable energy who has a great history and supervised the development of government plans for several countries inside and outside Egypt.

“I dream of establishing the scientific alliance and linking renewable energy in other areas such as water, agriculture, and industry, which will achieve great returns to the Egyptian economy and provide many jobs for young people,” he said.

Hatem Al-Romy asserted that the president’s consultative council works very well in all fields and provides recommendations, proposals and ideas, and mosques. We hope that the scientifically renewable energy alliance will work parallel, especially as the highest and most important goal is to serve society and achieve sustainable development.


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