Mansoura University honors the president of Triple M Group

On the 14th of July, Mansoura University honored Eng. Hatem El Romy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Triple M Group, for his pioneering contributions in the fields of energy, agriculture, and science, and cooperation with scientific bodies and entities in achieving sustainable development for society.

This came during the participation of Eng. Hatem Al- Romy in the Alumni and Employment Forum for the year 2021, which was organized by Mansoura University in the middle of this month, in the presence of a large number of experts and public figures.

Eng. Hatem Al-Romy expressed his great happiness to participate in the Alumni Forum of Mansoura University, stressing that Mansoura University always presents distinguished graduates in all fields.

During his speech after the honoring, he stressed the need to apply the sciences and research that are being studied to serve the community and achieve sustainable development, and to have the opportunity for students and graduates to be trained on what has been studied, and to be acquainted with the latest innovations and developments in cooperation with other scientific bodies and entities.

And in recognition of the importance of Mansoura University and the excellence of its graduates, Eng. Hatem Al- Romy announced a grant to host and train the top ten from the Faculty of Science at Mansoura University. The grant includes providing integrated training and practical application in the fields of energy, agriculture, and water desalination, inside the Triple M Eco farm in Ismailia Governorate.

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