Start of the Egyptian-Jordanian renewable energy company

Triple M construction and  Jordan’s Al Own advanced for contracting company, have established a $5 million-dollar JV firm The Egyptian-Jordanian company for renewable Energy to carry out projects to produce electricity from the sun and wind in Egypt and Jordan.

“The Egyptian Jordanian renewable energy is the first Arab alliance to pursue projects in Egypt and Jordan, to prepare Arab cadres who can compete with foreign companies, and to provide all innovative solutions and systems for solar and wind energy projects,” said Hatem Al Roumi, managing director of the company.

“The Egyptian Jordanian renewable energy ” was set up with a capital of $5 million, aiming to implement solar power plants and wind power in Egypt and Jordan this year, up to 200 megawatts, said Rumi.

He noted that the company was involved in the Benban in Aswan Solar power project, with the implementation of the second phase of the nutrition tariff, as well as negotiations to participate in the implementation of the RAS Ghareba wind stations.

The Egyptian-Jordanian company for renewable energy is planning to open new branches in Saudi Arabia and a number of Arab countries, and to increase the proportion of the local component in new and renewable energy projects.

The Jordanian company Tarbel Umm al-Masri and Jordan Aid collaborated in the implementation of a 86-megawatt wind station in Jordan’s Rdry area, and a 100-megawatt wind station in Jordan

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