Triple M is Certified with ISO 9001-2015 Quality management system


We are pleased to announce that Triple M construction Company -Egypt is now ISO 9001:2015 certified for its quality management system. The achievement is one we are particularly proud of as it demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients and further establishes Triple M as a leader in construction and electrical works fields. The certification is also a significant milestone in our continual efforts to improve and reflects our on-going investment in construction and electrical works especially for renewable energy projects.

ISO 9001 is a family of standards for quality management systems and is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and employees. Triple M certification of compliance recognizes that our policies, practices and procedures ensure consistent quality in the services and products that we deliver every day to our clients.

Our journey towards achieving ISO 9001:2015 started in July 2016. We were very keen from the outset to ensure that the ISO framework was used to bring genuine value to our clients, rather than focusing on the accreditation for accreditation’s sake. Before presenting ourselves to the certification agency (in our case TNV Certification  PTV Ltd , an accredited registrar) hours of work and preparation were undertaken, internal policies and processes aligned with ISO standards, employees trained and internal audits completed.

The ISO 9001:2015 applies to all facets of our business. What’s more, levels of excellence will only improve over the long term with future audits with 6 in-house IRCA lead auditors (International Register of Certified Auditors) planned.

Producing quality work is a key priority for us at Triple M – it’s even something of an obsession. The ISO accreditation shows just how far we’ll go to ensure the best quality of work for all of our clients and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved.

we want to thank all Triple M staff for them efforts to achieve our goal.

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